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Bethany Earl

 As your pretty; so be wise, wolves may lurk in every guise


I started loving to play around with beauty makeup when I was in high school. I would watch YouTube tutorials and try to recreate them with the small amount of makeup that I had in my makeup bag. With having my son at a young age and trying my hardest to finish high school, I felt lots of pressure to apply to college to get a quick certificate so that I could have something to fall back on. It came down to going to school to do something I wasn't passionate about or going to Evelyn Charles and taking a makeup course to further my education in something I already knew I loved. My husband was a huge help in supporting me and pushing me to do something that I would enjoy.

Art is surprisingly something I always thought I was awful at all throughout my youth. I never took any art related classes in high school because I never thought it was my strongsuite. It wasn't until I started working for Mac cosmetics that I really started to realize that doing makeup was one of my strongest talents. Being around so many creative and talented personalities really made me feel inspired.

The first Halloween I worked there I sat down one night and started playing around with special effects makeup. I was surprised that the knowledge I had learned from my beauty makeup career was so relavent to creating more theatrical makeup. Ever since then I've enjoyed sitting down and trying new things. Winning this competition really gave me a boost in confidence, I was so close to not entering because I felt like I didn't have enough experience in special effects. I have close to nothing in the "special effects" category of my makeup kit so winning this competition was SUCH a treat!! I am so thrilled that people enjoyed my work and I am excited to enter more contests in the future!

Instagram- @bethanyearlmakeup


More Photos of Bethany's work: 








Congrats Bethany! 



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 Consignment Dance Costumes




Make Off! 2015

Inviting fans and make-up artists to enter our 
2015 Make-Up Make-Off Contest running all throughout October!
Artists will be given 3 hours in store, with their own model, to create
a makeup look which will later be posted onto Karries Kostumes
Facebook page  Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The public will vote for their favorite make-up and the lucky winners
will receive in-store credit for make-up at the store as well as a feature of your work on our website!
The 1st place winner will receive a
$250 store credit
 2nd place winner $50 store credit
3rd place winner $25 store credit
We ask that interested artists email us at to book your spot
and get a copy of the rules and regulations. 
Make Off!


CISN country






Travis Knights

 Winner of Make OFF! 2014

Karries Kostumes hosted a makeup competition at the store all throughout this past October. We had 9 talented Makeup Artists compete with a look of their choice. The final photos were posted to Karries Kostumes social media pages and the public voted by liking and sharing the photos. Thank you to everyone that participated, it was a pleasure to see all of you in action. We are looking forward to making this an annual event. 
We are pleased to share with you a little about our winner from the first ever Make OFF! competition held at Karries Kostumes: 
Nichelle Bryant, 28 years old 
"As a child my life was full of art, thanks primarily to my Father Rex. From his passion for broadway musicals, his active involvement in the theatre, and his love of Halloween there was no shortage of excitement in our household. Whether it was singing and putting together skits in our living room, or planning our awesome Halloween costumes each year, I grew to appreciate those same passions and developed a similar love for the arts. 
My first step into costume and special effects makeup was during the Halloween season of 2010, where I stuck mainly to costumes of known characters such as Spock, Treasure Trolls and Avatars. 
Since then I have moved into creating and selling my own prosthetics, face art, props and costume designs, all the while trying to refine my skills and learn as much as I can from other artists. 
The competition at Karries Kostumes was my first competition for special effects makeup and it was such an incredible experience. It even led to my involvement in the NAIT short film "Pieces" in 2014. 
I am very much looking forward to future competitions at Karries Kostumes and would definitely encourage other artists in the community to check for upcoming events and register!"
 Here are some photos of her work:
 Nichelle - Winner of Make OFF! 2014
Make OFF! 2014's winning photo







To Book with Nichelle email her at and follow her on Instagram @neeneeshelllfx






Make OFF! 2014 

We are holding a Makeup Competition in the store all throughout October. 

Please email if you are interested in participating! 

We will be posting all the pictures for fans to vote onto Facebook and Instagram on October 27th to ensure everyone gets a fair chance for votes. 



 Make OFF!











 Klondike Costume Contest




Check KDays Website for more details 







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