Ben Nye Essential Shadow and Rouge Palette

Article number: BenNye-ESP-952-essential-eye-shadow-and-rouge-palette
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The Essential Eye and Blush Palette features six each of Ben Nyes most popular Eye Shadows and Powder Blush. This workhorse palette has you covered for a countless number of jobs and projects. Individual colors are available as refills. This compact palette is a perfect space saving option to fit in any makeup artist’s kit. 

Apply colors to the skin with a brush or foam applicator. Press shadows onto the skin for an opaque finish or apply in a sweeping motion for softer hues and blending of colors. For a smoky effect, apply darker shades at the lash line and blend towards the brow bone. To brighten the eye area, apply lighter shades towards the inner corners of the eyes. Using a fluffy brush, blend blush from the apple of the cheeks, upwards towards the temples. Layer colors for a saturated effect, and diffuse shades by blending in circular motions. 

Gently wipe off makeup with makeup remover or warm soapy water.

ESP-952 – 42gm./1.48oz. Expect 50-200 applications per shade.

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