Consignment Costumes


We are re-opening our store to consignment dance costumes! 

Due to covid we have had to downsize our store. With having such a small space we will no longer be able to take as many consignment costumes as we used to. We have however updated our consignment Facebook page. So what we can do is you would send us pictures and the sizes of the costumes you would like to sell we can pick the top 2-3 styles that we know usually sell for you to bring into the store, the rest we will add to our Facebook page. If someone asks us to see one of the costumes on the Facebook page we will send you a message to bring it in.


Consignment costumes are a 50/50 split between you and Karries Kostumes. If you would like to you can choose the price for your costume but we find most go for $30-$50. Some more detailed costumes maybe $80. If you aren't sure what to price a costume at we can certainly price it for you. All costumes brought in are to be cleaned and on hangers.


For the costumes brought in to the store you will be required to sign for a pick up date. We will need most consignment costumes that don't sell to be picked up by end of June at the latest. Any costumes not picked up by the specified pick up date will be donated to a school, church or charity of our choice.


If you have any other questions you can give us a call at (780) 460-2626 or email us at [email protected]


Check out our facebook page