We still have our rentals!


Most of our of rentals are currently in storage. If there is a specific rental you are looking for please call 2 business days ahead of time so we can pull everything you need and bring it into the shop for a fitting.


Click the link below for rental catalogue.





If you have any questions about our rental costumes feel free to give us a call at (780) 460-2626




Q: How much does it cost to rent a costume? A: It depends on the costume. If you were to rent just a white pirate shirt it would be $25.00. If you were to rent a full Santa suit complete with all accessories such as beard, wig, toy bag ect. it would be $155.00.

Q: Are accessories an extra fee? A: No! All accessories are included in the rental fee. Eg. a flapper dress rental could come with headband or hat, pearls, and gloves. 



Q: Do I have to clean the rental? A: No! All cleaning and minor damage fees are included in the rental. (See question "What is considered damage? When would you charge my card?" for what is considered minor damage)


Damage Deposit

Q: How does the damage deposit work? A: For the damage deposit we take an imprint of a credit card. We do not charge your credit card, we only hold the number until the costume is returned. If you do not have a credit card we can also charge you for the full cost of the damage deposit (plus cost of rental fee), by either cash or debit, and then refund you the appropriate amount when the costume is returned. 

Q: What is considered damage? When would you charge my card? A: A simple spill of food/drink, or a small tear in the seam of a costume is NOT considered damage. If you decide to be zoro however, and cut a "Z" down the middle of the costume we would charge your card. As well, if do not return the costume on or before the agreed date of return we would charge your credit card. 


Date/Length of Rental 

Q: Is the rental cost per day? How long can I keep the rental? A: We do not charge per day for our rentals. We charge per week or weekend. Eg. If you need the rental for a Saturday you can pick the costume up on Friday and return on Monday. If you need the costume for a longer time, such as you will be on vacation, we can sometimes extend the time depending on the costume. Or it would be full cost for the first week, then an additional half of the cost for the second week.