Ben Nye Creme FX Bruise & Abrasions Wheel

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The Bruises and Abrasions Wheel features creme colors suited to creating bruises and small injuries on the skin in a compact four color wheel. These creme shades resemble shades that naturally occur in the skin throughout the lifespan of bruises and abrasions.

Apply to the skin with a sponge, fingertip, or synthetic brush. To create custom blends of shades, use a spatula and mixing palette to mix shades before application. To achieve a wash, or stain effect with creme colors, dampen your brush with isopropyl alcohol. Create fresh wounds with CL-131 Fresh Cut, While Misty Violet CL-17 and Maroon CL-15 can help age injuries or bruises. Mix in Goldenrod CL-6 to show an injury in the healing stage.

Set with Neutral Set or colorless powder to retain brilliance and resist perspiration.

Gently wipe off makeup with soap and water, Quick Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

EW-41, 28gm./1oz. – Expect 16-100 applications per shade

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