Ben Nye Creme FX Red White & Black Wheel

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The classic Red White & Black wheel is a compact 3 color wheel that features a large pan of Ben Nye's highly pigmented White creme makeup, alongside the accenting shades of Red and Black.  These creme colors lend themselves perfectly to contributing to a range of theatrical characters and Halloween makeup designs such as The Joker from Batman!

Use an artist spatula to select shades from the wheel and place on a palette. Apply creme shades to the skin with a sponge, or brush. 

Set with Neutral Set or colorless powder to retain brilliance and resist perspiration. You can intensify the White creme color by setting with Super White setting powder.

Gently wipe off makeup with soap and water, Quick Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

RB, 28gm./1oz. – Expect 8-50 applications per shade

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