Ben Nye Creme FX Death Wheel

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The Death Wheel is a 6-color assortment of Ben Nye's highly pigmented classic Death colors. The silky texture to these creme colors allows them to glide seamlessly over skin and latex.With shades like Frankenstein, Pale Vampire, Death Blue Grey, and Death Flesh, this wheel is one of our most universally applicable wheels when it comes to character and horror makeup. 

Use a sponge or synthetic brush to apply creme colors. For custom blends of shades, use a spatula and mixing palette to mix two or more shades together. Apply creme colors to the skin in stippling motions to build up opacity and buff out in soft circular motions to blend or diffuse colors. To make creme colors more sheer, mix in moisturizer, or a few drops of isopropyl alcohol with creme colors on a mixing palette. 

Set with Neutral Set or colorless powder to retain brilliance and resist perspiration.

Gently wipe off makeup with soap and water, Quick Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

DW, 28gm./1oz. – Expect 20-50 applications per shade.

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