Ben Nye Effects Gel - Blood

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Blood Effects Gel is a special effects grade gelatin with deep red pigmentation that allows artists to create 3D blood effects that solidify and hold their shape, so makeup can remain intact for long productions and lengthy days on film sets. The Blood Effects Gel can be formed directly on the skin, or on a metal palette prior to application.

Place the Blood Effects Gel bottle in hot water and increase temperature until the gel turns into a liquid. After gels have been warmed to a liquid state, they can be formed into pre-made prosthetic appliances on a metal palette or applied directly to the skin and formed into shape with a metal sculpting tool. As the Blood Gel cools, it will solidify to a smear-proof and transfer-proof finish. To adhere Blood Effects Gel appliances that have been prepared prior to application, use a fresh layer of heated gel, or Spirit Gum to ensure a solid bond between skin and gelatin appliance. 

To remove, start by soaking the area with a hot towel, and follow up with Ben Nyes Bond-Off adhesive remover and warm soapy water.

Expect 3-50 applications per ounce.

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