Ben Nye Effects Gel - Scar

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Scar Effects Gel comes in an opaque flesh tone that allows artists to create raised 3-D scar, cuts, and character details on the surface of the skin. Once warmed to a liquid state, the gels turn into a versatile liquid that solidifies after cooling. 

Place the Scar Effects Gels bottle in hot water and increase temperature until the gel turns into a liquid. After gels have been warmed to a liquid state, they can be formed into pre-made prosthetic appliances on a metal palette or applied directly to the skin and formed into shape with a metal sculpting tool. As the Scar Gel cools, it will solidify to a smear-proof and transfer-proof finish. To adhere Scar Effects Gel appliances that have been prepared prior to application, use a fresh layer of heated gel, or Spirit Gum to ensure a solid bond between skin and gelatin appliance. 

To remove, start by soaking the area with a hot towel, and follow up with Ben Nyes Bond-Off adhesive remover and warm soapy water.

Expect 3-50 applications per ounce.

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