Ben Nye Glitter Glue

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Glitter Glue is a cosmetic-grade alcohol-based adhesive that binds loose glitters, small rhinestones, and sequins to the face and body. This clear base dries on its own with a lightweight texture and remains flexible on the skin. 

For opaque glitter coverage, apply Glitter Glue directly to the skin and press loose glitters on top while the glitter base is still tacky. For a sheer wash of glitter, use a large flat brush to blend Glitter Glue liberally across the body and sprinkle opalescent glitters across the skin. Create custom blends of glitters with various opacities by pouring Glitter Glue into a separate mixing cup and adding your choice of loose glitters such as sparklers.

Remove with makeup remover ot warm soapy water.

AGB – 29ml./1 fl.oz. Expect 50-150 applications.

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