Ben Nye Liquid Latex

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Use Ben Nyes professional-grade Liquid Latex on its own to increase texture and build 3-D effects up on the surface of the skin. It can also be used when applying latex prosthetics to seal the surface and edges of the appliance. Pour into molds to cast prosthetic appliances. 

Apply Liquid Latex to the skin using a latex sponge, stipple sponge, or a disposable applicator. To build liquid latex up on the skin, layer with cotton and tissue.

For the removal process, start by soaking the area with a hot towel, and follow up with Ben Nyes Bond-Off or any adhesive remover, then wash with soap and water or makeup remover. 

Due to common allergies to latex, it is highly recommended to do a patch test on the inside of the wrist before application to confirm compatibility with the skin.

Expect 8-20 applications per ounce.

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