Ben Nye Creme FX Old Character II Wheel

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Old Character II Wheel features four creme colors for creating aging effects on medium to deep skin tones.

Apply colors to the skin with a brush or sponge. Using the classic contouring and highlighting technique for old age character makeup, draw wrinkles into the face with Midnight Brown. Add a corresponding highlight shade just above the wrinkles with Light Brown. Add some ruddy discoloration around the eyes, nose, and cheeks with Maroon. Deepen features or add a sunken feature to the eyes using Misty Violet. To get a custom blend of colors, use a spatula and mixing palette to blend colors before application. You can mix in a small amount of foundation to dilute the pigmentation of creme colors. 

Set with Neutral Set or colorless powder to retain brilliance and resist perspiration.

Gently wipe off makeup with soap and water, Quick Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

CK-13, 14gm./ 0.5oz. – Expect 8-50 applications per shade

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