Ben Nye Prosthetic Adhesive

Article number: BenNye-AD-1-Prosthetic-adhesive-1oz.
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Prosthetic Adhesive is a strong water based cosmetic adhesive for prosthetics and applications of all kinds. This durable formula is sweat-resistant and is formulated for long wear through live performances and long days on film sets. 

Shake the bottle well to remix any ingredients that may have settled while sitting. Use a disposable applicator or the included applicator inside the cap of the 1 oz. Prosthetic Adhesive. For a strong bond between the skin and appliance, apply adhesive to the skin, as well as the prosthetic and allow the adhesive to become tacky before prosthetic application. Adhesive can take up to 1-2 minutes to become tacky depending on the amount of adhesive applied. 

AD-1 Expect 15-35 applications per ounce.

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