Ben Nye Creme FX Trauma Simulation Wheel

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The Trauma Wheel features three shades of Ben Nye's FX Creme colors that can be used to quickly create injury and abrasion simulations for special effects and character makeup. 

Apply FX Creme colors with fingers or a stipple sponge. Use a spatula and mixing palette to create customized blends of colors before application. For fresh injuries, use Fire Red to simulate irritation, or fresh trauma on the skin. To age blood or a wound, detail with Dark Burgundy. Provide depth and intensity by layering Blue with Fire Red and Dark Burgundy. FX Creme colors apply comfortably to clean skin and can be applied on top of foundations as well. Test colors on an inconspicuous area of the skin first, as harmless staining may occur due to the high concentration of cosmetic pigments.

Set with Neutral Set or colorless powder to retain brilliance and resist perspiration.

Gently wipe off makeup with soap and water, Quick Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

EW-7, 28gm./1oz. – Expect 16-100 applications per shade

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