Bloch Balance European Pointe Shoes

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BLOCH bestseller! Balance European has a curved last which follows the natural contours of the foot, providing maximum comfort and injury protection.

  • Balance European allows curved last and shank remain in close contact with the instep, significantly improving injury protection
  • Tapered box with less internal space for the toes creates a snug and secure fit
  • Exterior of shoe has a more streamlined appearance without losing the width of the platform
  • Generous platform encourages balanced weight distribution and can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals
  • Diagonal side seam reduces satin creasing
  • Low profile of the shoe, medium side, open throat line of the vamp shape, and elastic drawstring, creates a streamlined, snug fit
  • Heel cushion
  • Noise reduction under the pleats
  • A paste
  • Elastic drawstring
  • Also available with a strong shank

Ribbons and elastic sold separately. See products pointe-shoe-satin-ribbon.html and 1/2-shoe-elastic-pink.html

**Must call in to book an appointment for a pointe shoe fitting. To book an appointment with one of our experienced pointe shoe fitters please give us a call at (780)460-2626. We do not take walk-ins for pointe shoe fittings. 


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