Concealer Crayon - NP-4

Article number: BenNye-NP-4-concealer-crayon-medium-tattoo-cover
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The lusciously creamy Concealer Crayons are corrective colors that make the greatest cover-up jobs as easy as coloring inside the lines. The matte finish delivers maximum pigmentation without any unwanted sheen. These crayons are pocket sized and fit comfortably in any touch-up, or on-the-go makeup bag. 

Apply the concealer crayon directly on top of the area to be concealed. Make sure the proper color is chosen for your correcting needs. Colors opposite of each other on the color wheel are used for color correcting. Correct redness around the face and eyes with our Red Neutralizer options, and warm up dark blue shadows with our Blue Neutralizers. Conceal tattoos by tracing over the dark lines of the tattoo with either of our tattoo neutralizing shades. These Concealer Crayons also work beautifully as an eye primer for creating highly pigmented eye makeup designs.

Gently wipe off makeup with Quick Cleanse or makeup remover on a cotton pad. Wash off residue with soap and water, or a facial wipe.

NP – 2.4gm./0.88oz. Expect 150-400 applications

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