Ben Nye Eye Liner Pencils

Article number: BenNye-EP-90-eye-liner-pencil-onyx
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Ben Nyes Eye Liner Pencils have a creamy matte texture that is dense in pigment. They can be used to define the eye area, intensify the lash line, and are comfortable to wear on the water line. Smudge these liners out for a softer, natural effect. 

Apply liners at the base of the lash line and layer until desired opacity is achieved. For a smudged liner, sweep a dome brush, or flat brush across the liner and blend softly. To extend the durability of the liners, top off the liners with a matching eye shadow. You can use these pencils to trace designs and make outlines for character makeup and face paintings.

Gently wipe off makeup with a makeup remover safe for eyes or warm soapy water.

EP – 4.75” Length, 1.13gm./0.04oz. Expect 50-175 applications.

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