Ben Nye Cake Eye Liners

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Cake Eye Liners are water-activated colors that are perfect for creating graphic eye designs, dramatic winged liners, and enhancing the shape of eyebrows. They can even be painted onto the eyelashes. The colors dry to a matte finish on their own and do not smudge after setting.

Apply to the skin with a brush after pigment has been activated with water. Dip an Angle Brush or Round Brush in water and lather into the cake liners until a creamy texture is achieved. For increased durability, utilize Ben Nyes LiquiSet as the activator instead of water. Gently wipe off makeup with remover or warm soapy water.

2gm./0.07oz. Expect 100-350 applications.

EL-0, EL-1, EL-2, EL-4, EL-5, EL-55, EL-6, EL-7

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