Ben Nye Lip Pencils

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Ben Nyes Lip Pencils feature a supremely matte finish in a wildly-pigmented, dense cream texture that doesn’t feather or bleed. The high concentration of pigment in these pencils make them perfect for contouring and defining the lips as well as offering a strong base their Lipsticks

Line the lips by starting in the center and tracing the outer line of the lips to the corner of the mouth. Fill in the lips for opaque, matte full-color coverage. To make the lips appear larger, trace just outside the natural line of the lips. To minimize the appearance of the lips, apply just inside the natural line of the lips. For an ombre lip effect, apply a darker lip pencil shade in the outer corners of the lips and blend softly inward.

7” Length 1.83gm./0.065oz. Expect 50-150 applications.


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