Ben Nye Luxury Powder Clay

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Clay Luxury Powder provides a flawless matte complexion that will give you a brilliant, illuminated look. It helps diffuse texture and fine lines while controlling oil and shine. Clay Powder matches medium to deep skin tones with neutral brown undertones. It can also be used to add soft definition to light brown skin tones. This loose setting powder is milled to a micro-fine consistency creating a silky-smooth texture that will help you look incredible in person and all forms of media.

Brush Application: Dispense the desired amount of loose powder onto a tissue or flat surface. Using a full, soft powder brush, apply powder on top of foundation to set and mattify the complexion. Apply a light dusting for a soft finish or use liberally to enhance the tone of the complexion. 

Puff Application: Sprinkle powder generously onto a powder puff. Fold puff in half and rub sides together briskly to “load” puff, allowing powder to settle between layers. Press puff onto skin to set makeup. Tap puff lightly onto the palm to release more powder to the surface as you are working.

If you want to use Luxury Powder to “bake” your makeup, apply generously over highlights to brighten the face and protect from potential eye shadow fallout. Blend away excess powder at the finish of the makeup application process.  

Gently wipe off makeup with makeup remover or warm soapy water.

Use in a well-ventilated area and avoid inhalation. Keep out of eyes and mouth. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Expect 50-100 applications per 1oz.

Luxury Powders available in colours Rose Petal, Banana, Cameo, Buff, Beige Suede, Topaz, Dolce, Camel, Olive Sand, Clay, and Dark Cocoa.

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